What about pets?

Pets are invited also, as long as they are able to deal with crowds and strangers. Many of our church members bring their pets every Sunday and they have become well accepted members of the congregation.

We're only in town for a week - should we come?

Yes, of course - we love to meet short term visitors and tourists. The mission of the church is to provide outreach to our community, and tourists are a large part of our community. On any given Sunday the congregation is pretty well split between short term visitors, seasonal residents, and full time residents.  

If you've never attended an open air church in the jungle before you might find it interesting! 

Why is there a water sprinkler on the roof?

The metal roof of the church can get very hot and radiate heat in the hot sun. The water sprinkler is used to cool the roof so as to reduce the radiant heat effect on the church occupants. Air conditioning is not very practical in the open air environment of our church, so we use multiple fans to move the air and water cooling on the roof to minimize the heat effects as much as possible.