Beach Community Church Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for church services?

There is no dress code - casual beach attire is fine. The church is open air and it can get warm, so dress appropriately. You can get a sense of the range of typical attire by looking at some of the photos on this website and in our newsletters.

Do you offer Sunday School?

You are encouraged to bring your children with you to church - we love to see them. Families sit together at the beginning of the service through announcements and music (lots of singing), and then the children are dismissed to the Children's Service in another building. They are invited back just in time for cookies and refreshments with the adults at the end of the service. There is no formal Sunday School as you may find in other churches, where the children are segregated by age and taught using structured Sunday School lesson plans.

Do you offer Communion?

Yes, but not every Sunday. We celebrate an open communion so when it is offered, we invite all Christians to participate.  The sacraments we serve do not contain alcohol, in deference to our congregants that may be sensitive to it.