Community Outreach Activities

At BCC we believe it's important to take our ministry out into the community and not keep it bottled up at the church. Here are some examples of the community outreach activities we are involved in on an ongoing basis.


Children's Program

We've found something that the kids here really love - yoga!  Every Tuesday after school at 4:30 PM, they meet at the river bridge at the school in Brasilito for yoga instruction and practice. Does it work? Are the children calmer, happier, healthier, more introspective? Come and see! .


Picnics in Brasilito

Several times a year BCC sponsors a Sunday afternoon picnic in the Brasilito Square. The whole community turns out at the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken cooking on a charcoal grill.  There's really no formal program - just get out and meet the community.  We don't charge admission, but we are paid generously in smiles and hugs.


Road Signs

Perhaps the most visible sign of BCC's outreach is our road signs. Have you seen them? Did they provoke a chuckle  or a profound thought? Think you've seen them all? Here are photos of each sign - but we won't tell you where they are. You'll have to do your own community outreach to find them.